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Yet again another iPhone bites to dust. And then another one comes and another one comes and then another one bites to dust. And I wonder whether I am doomed in the Smart Phone department; should I just buy myself a disposable mobile phone like a Kodak (Phodak) or reluctantly sign up to phone insurance on a monthly direct debit subscription basis and allow my iPhone to wander off with little or no supervision carefree knowing that it can always be tracked on the iCloud find my iPhone tracker app (which I carelessly failed to download). You would think one would learn from ones mistakes of the past particularly when you bring your iPhone to a strange foreign country. Then it has suddenly dawned on me that yet again I have failed to take precautionary measures to protect the welfare of my iPhone repeating the same mistakes again which ultimately resulted in a shortened life expectancy of my dearly beloved iPhone (well with me).

I am in grief stricken panic at the unexpected loss of my iPhone. Why didn’t I just keep it on a leash? No it hasn’t nosedived two feet into a bowel of water this time (to be polite) it has been snatched from my clutch handbag. I just know it has. The illuminous peach clutch handbag that I once adored but suddenly wished it was bought in an anonymous grey colour. Ironically enough several days prior to the theft of my beloved Apple iPhone I had my hand luggage stolen off a Ryanair flight (not trying to make a sly dig here) and I had said to my friends if my iPhone had suffered the same faith I would have to cut this holiday short.

Ironically enough mid-week through the holiday my iPhone too had almost suffered a near death experience; my iPhone chillaxed on a catamaran on the Atlantic Ocean and got carried away capturing memories. The dolphins and whales were worth the risk. Thinking back I wish I had just raffled my iPhone away to the innocent Non life threatening mammals in the ocean instead of the horrible shark who stole it on the very last hour of the holiday.  The shark who stole not only a telephone, but a calculator (to add to the dramatic effect), an iPod, endless Apps that I rarely used but still went to the bother of downloading them, a notepad with tonnes of to do lists on it, a phone book with numbers of important contacts built up, And more importantly a camera; a holiday album containing 100 plus photos, snaps that were simply snatched away of memories still so raw yet in the past. Snap that might as well have been taken on Snapchat and gone forever. Memories that can simply never be repeated, memories that perished the day my iPhone perished. The emotion is still very raw.


In 1776, Adam Smith famously wrote: “It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker, that we can expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest.”