I am slowly but surely regaining some sort of liking towards generally the most hated airline in the world. Following on from my previous blog on Ryanair it is to my delight that Ryanair have recently announced some changes and they have come to the realisation that they need to become more customer orientated and a little more empathetic. To my delight Ryanair have announced some improvements. During the booking process they are going to have a 24 hour grace period after booking so one doesn’t get penalised for small errors. Also they are allowing people two carry-on bags on board (one to be a handbag) whilst significantly reducing the price of baggage.

As the airline was voted as the worst performing brand in a British customer service survey of UK’s 100 biggest brands it has told shareholders at its AGM in Dublin today that it would become more lenient on fining customers over bag sizes and overhaul the way it communicates.

Michael O’Leary has stated that “Our primary focus this winter will be to significantly invest in, and improve, the Ryanair.com website, our mobile platform and our interaction with passengers using social media”.  Also he has stated that “This winter will also see a rolling programme of development to improve the Ryanair.com website, make it easier for passengers to navigate, quicker for them to locate our all-inclusive price quotes, identify availability of our lower fare promotions and book Ryanair’s great fares for themselves and their families. These improvements will be accompanied by a new digital marketing strategy which will see Ryanair switch a significant proportion of its marketing budget from old to new media, with a particular focus on mobile and social media platforms.”

socialTheir App is now free

The firm is now attempting to improve its brand perception with the digital strategy overhaul, as well as new measures such as setting up a team to respond to emails and putting an end to hefty fines for customers whose carry-on baggage is slightly too big.

Another few improvements have been made or are pending progress.

  • Their App is downloadable for free since October 1st which was previously 3 euro (cost of Ryanair Scratch card c’mon it all adds up).
  • They have launched their Twitter page a customer can reach them about any issue in real time and not have to wait 24 hours.
  • Passenger registration/ retention service live for summer 2014, substantially reducing the time it takes to complete bookings.

Looks like Ryanair really do care?