The popular saying “Should have gone to Specsavers” never fails to catch the eye. Glasses themselves are a fairly generic product and a necessity, not something to get very excited about. Which is probably why Specsavers have been using this clever marketing ploy. The common theme “Should have gone to Specsavers” runs through all of them and I have yet to come across a Specsavers ad that fails to catch my eye!

Below are some entertaining Video’s from Specsavers themselves, I personally would love to see Mr Bean himself ending up on a Rollercoaster ride mid bite through that soggy lettuce sandwich of his.

Shake what your mother gave ya” — this is a keep fit session nobody’s going to forget in a hurry

Should have gone to Specsavers – not a sauna…

Specsavers Station

Postman Pat should have gone to Specavers – his poor black and white Cat

During lunch you end up on a Rollercoaster….In a theme park! As you do…